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Tick removing has just become much easier.
Remove ticks quickly and safely using our new
Tick Removal Solution™

There are many tick removal methods, tools, tick removal guidelines, procedures, tick remedy information handouts and tick bite treatments. However, if a tick is already deeply embedded in your skin, how are you going to dislodge it using tweezers if there is nothing to hold on to?

Tick Removal Solution compels ticks to detach and retreat within seconds. Just apply a drop or two of our Tick Removal Solution™, press firmly with a cotton ball or a napkin, and all ticks will push up to the surface on their own allowing you then to pick them up with your tweezers.

Within seconds they will all come out as shown in our animation. Our solution doesn't suffocate ticks, it simply compels them to retreat.

Developed at Eve's Essence Laboratories ™
Made in the USA